Why Are Stoves Better Than Open Fires

Why Are Stoves Better Than Open Fires

Are Stoves Better Than Open Fires


We in the north east of England can remember in our childhood cold winters deep snow and blizzards ,and coming home to a roaring fire , flames leaping and dancing up the chimney . The choice of fuel in our house was coal , every town and village had a pit which employed the local community every family had someone working down the pit so we all had free or very cheap coal . Our coal house was always full to the top with the best fuel Durham could offer .


In Scandinavia it was so different they did not know what coal was ,they spent all summer collecting what was freely available and in abundance to them wood . Soft wood in particular as it grows fast and can be seasoned in one year to burn on there stoves . This was also the case in many remote parts of the USA .


So stoves as we know them today came into there own when the dramatic costs of fuel started to hit our pockets , More efficient ways of using the fuels which where available to us sort industry to invent the Multi fuel Stoves .


So why are stoves better than open fires


1. Efficiency , An open fire looses up to 80% of heat created up the flue

2. Controllability ,You can control a stove by the amount of air you allow into the firebox so controlling the amount of fuel you use and making over night continues burning possible .

3. Cleanliness , All the ash and fuel is contained inside the stove and when sweeping is needed all the soot falls into the closed fire box

4. Flexibility , stoves can use wood or solid fuels

5. You can purchase dedicated wood burning stoves or multi fuel stove


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