Lining A Chimney

Lining A Chimney

“I have an open fire which works perfectly well, so why do I need to line the chimney when fitting a stove”, is possibly the most asked question in our store.  Well there are a number reasons.

1 Open fires are very inefficient so 70% of heat produced goes up the chimney and smoke only rises because it is hot, the hotter the smoke the faster the smoke will rise.  Stoves are up to 89% efficient so we need to reduce the flue size to keep the smoke hot and get the best draw on the stove as possible .

2 If smoke is not hot enough, particles of tar stick to the flue and over time, will block the flue or even worse catch fire.  When a chimney is lined, these problems are eliminated .

3 Smoke will always find a weak spot in mortar and into your home or even next door and this is life threatening as carbon monoxide will also be leaking through mortar .

4 All stoves work much better when the flue is lined as the stove is more responsive and uses less fuel .

5 A flue is only as good as the liner, so install a quality UK manufactured liner.  Purchase it locally and do not buy from internet auction sites as they will promise the world and if you have a problem you can always go back to your local store for advice.