Burleys Claimed To be the most efficient woodburning stove in the world
After a twenty year career with two of Britain’s largest electrical appliance manufacturers, John Barson decided to strike out on his own, creating Burley Appliances. Back in 1975 Burley consisted of John Barson, a garage and a few components.

For the grand sum of £5 John commissioned three wrought iron basket designs. It took John all day to assemble his first electric fire. The next day he drove into Leicester with his fire and sold it. Things looked promising but production would have to speed up if the family were not to face starvation!

The first of several turning points came when John visited the electrical buyer at Harrods. Returning with an order for 12 fires, there was no looking back. John took on his first employee and found a bigger garage. John’s son and daughter, after leaving school, also joined the Company.

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