The Caedmon 7.5 Kw Multifuel Stove

The Caedmon 7.5 Kw Multifuel Stove



The Caedmon multi fuel stove is an award-winning design, with up to the minute technology. The controls have been simplified, there are two levers below the door, one controls the primary air and the other controls the secondary and tertiary air. These take the place of spin wheels, once the fire is established, there is no need to use the primary air except with smokeless fuel, even on re-fuelling.

Remote Control

The Caedmon can be supplied with an outside air kit, which is now a requirement in a lot of new build properties, and this version is also available with remote control if required.

The Caedmon is top flue only and is suitable for a 12mm hearth.


  • 7.5 kW output
  • Multifuel
  • British Made
  • Simple controls
  • Optional Outside Air Kit –
  • Manual or Remote Control
  • Built in Tertiary Air
  • Suitable for 12mm Hearth
  • 76.2% Efficient on Wood
  • 78.3% Efficient on Solid Fuel
  • Maximum log length 380mm
  • Riddling Grate
  • 6” diameter flue (top flue only)
  • Brass or St/Steel Fittings
  • Weight 92 kg

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