Dunsley Yorkshire Wood Burning Stove

Dunsley Yorkshire Wood Burning Stove




Yorkshire Wood Burning Stove

Developed through 30 years of research The Yorkshire Wood burning fuel Stove is the first of a whole new breed of heat source. At last, we have created fire without smoke.

Emmisions from the Yorkshire Stove are so low that it very easily complies with the clean air act (see graph on the technical spec page). Independent laboratory tests show efficiencies of over 70% on a whole range of fuels including wood.

Your Choice
The Yorkshire Stove can be the solution for room heating only or an automatic central heating model can be ordered either as a multifuel model or as a woodburning model. The wood burning model is less expensive but can only burn wood

In ordinary stoves, air comes up beneath the fuel, so that smoke
(which is tiny particles of unburned fuel), heat and waste gases
are thrown from the top of the fuel into the chimney. The
Yorkshire is different- air enters above the fuel, sweeping in front
of the window, forcing smoke down into the hottest part of the
fire and on into a refractory-lined ‘afterburn’ chamber. Highly
turbulent air is introduced to the hot smoke, which ignites
0 generating temperatures of up to 1,100 C. The result is not just
near-zero smoke emission, but greatly improved efficiency,
virtually instant controllability and a truly astonishing swirling
flame pattern.

  • Heat output up to 13.5kW
  • Steel stove body construction with cast iron stove door
  • Airwash
  • DEFRA approved to burn in smoke control area
  • Single control for both heat and airwash
  • Built in de-ashing mechanism


  • Black, chrome or brass handles
  • Trivet
  • Griddle


Stove Manufacturer Dunsley Stoves Stove Body Material Steel Stove Body Warranty3 YearParts Warranty None Heat Output (kW) 14 kW

Flue Size150mm (5.91″)Flue Options Top Only Width 540mm (21.26″) Height 705mm (27.76″) Depth415mm (16.34″) Efficiency (%)71% Weight (kg)142kg