Invicta Sedan 10 wood burning Stoves

Invicta Sedan 10 wood burning Stoves




Invicta sedan 10 wood burning Stoves are smaller than the modena stoves but the quality is easy to see


The Sedan10
stoves stoves
 fully cast iron made stoves beautifully made and with a large rectangular window to give a large view of the fire dancing in the firebox.Featuring front and side loading these stoves are designed for modern living with its clean line styling.

 Available in Anthracite, Ivory enamel and Red enamel


Power10 kW
Optimum below atmospheric pressure within the canal drawing out wasted gases 10 to 14 Pa
Opening at the front to fill in wood with max. length of 42 cm
In agreement with the European norm EN 13240
Diameter of the pipe drawing out wasted gases 150 mm
Exits of exhaust gases at the top and at the back of the stoves
Regulation of the air influx PLEASE ALLOW 10 DAYS DELIVERY
Weight: 126 kg


Invicta Stoves were introduced into the UK market in June 2008 these wood burning stoves are a top quality and beautifully made collection of wood burning appliances featuring traditional and modern styles and some interesting quirky designs. The output range is from 10-18KW and many of the traditional styles feature clean lines and large windows to give maximum view of the fire burning brightly in the firebox. Many of the wood burning stoves are available in different enamel finishes to complement your decor and furniture in your home or in standard painted anthracite black colour.Made in France, these wood burning stoves represent the very best in quality made cast iron wood burning stoves aimed at the discerning buyer and with styling touches and design second to none. All the wood burning stoves comply with the standard EN13240 and are CE marked with many also having the French “Flam Verte” standard for particulate emissions