Stratford EB 9 HE Boiler Stoves

Stratford EB 9 HE Boiler Stoves



Stratford EB 9 HE Boiler Stoves provide the solution to minimise dependency on existing heat sources. These multifuel boiler stoves are truly economical, reliable and sustainable, offering an alternative to more traditional central heating systems.

The entire range has been designed to incorporate features that contribute to high performance and efficiency. Through the use of Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD), the internal flow path has been increased meaning that the water is in contact with the boiler for longer, thus providing hotter water, quicker.

The Ecoboiler HE provides not just superior performance, but with the large curved fire door glass and soft curved lines, it offers an attractive focal point for your living area. Regardless of whether you burn wood or solid fuel, these boilers have the technology to keep your home and water up to temperature.

When installed with a thermal store, the Ecoboiler HE can be combined with any other source of heating, from traditional gas and oil systems to the greener ground source pumps and solar panels. This combination is todays perfect partner for complete home heating with the Ecoboiler HE having the ability to heat up a large amount of water quickly, and the thermal store able to store and use this heat effectively around the home.

  • Burns
    wood or solid fuel
  • Large, curved glass
  • Airwash system for sparkling clean glass
  • Flue Exhaust Diversion System â?? simple and lightweight to make removal easy for cleaning
  • Fits into a standard British fireplace opening
  • Discretely positioned thermostatic control
  • Repositioned water sensor for easy maintenance
  • New, improved larger riddling grate
  • Ash pan
  • British built
  • 3 year limited guarantee for all boilers registered online
  • Overall Width: 489mm
  • Overall Height: 570mm
  • Overall Depth: 417mm