Sunrain Hamsterley Wood Burning And Multi Fuel Stoves

Sunrain Hamsterley Wood Burning And Multi Fuel Stoves


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Sunrain Hamsterley Wood Burning And Multi Fuel Stove are mid sized cast iron Wood Burning/Multi-Fuel stoves with a 8kw output Benefits
IN STOCK NOW   The Sunrain Hamsterley Wood Burning And Multi fuel stoves can save you money on your energy costs with these very attractive cast iron stoves. These wood burning And Multi Fuel stoves comes in stove black with one large door that holds the heat resistent glass viewing window provided. These Sunrain Wood Burning And Multi Fuel stoves also come with top or rear stoves flue outlets, a high nickel content grate, an ash-pan and brass external fittings.  The Sunrain Wood Burning And Multi Fuel stoves have a airwash system for an efficient cleaner burn. These stoves have a CE certificate of conformity and complies with test standards EN 13240; 2006 and BSEN 13240; 2006 With its great looks and price combined with energy cost savings these stoves are a great value buy. Output 8kw.                           Sunrain wood burning stoves are manufactured to the highest standards and giving great value for money,World of Iron is the uk.s leading importer of Sunrain wood burning multi-fuel stoves selling over 2000 stoves per year in the uk.The company Sunrain stoves employ 900 people in a modern masive 48.000 sq mtr factory where they produce over 100,000 stoves per year supplying a world market.Sunrain wood burning stoves produce 45 different Wood burning and Multi-fuel stoves so we are  you can find the stoves to suit your taste and budget


Height 615mm  Width 490mm  Depth 425mm  Weight 67kg flue 125mm