The Hanbury

The Hanbury


classic and built to last

The Hanbury range of stoves is crafted using the purest grades of cast iron poured into premium Worcester-designed moulds. This provides exceptional strength and resistance to cracking, which in turn ensures a very long life.

One of the advantages of cast iron stoves is that although they take longer to heat up than steel stoves, they naturally retain heat so will continue to generate warmth long after your wood logs have burned down. 

The Greenstyle Hanbury 

With curved Cabriole legs, cornice top and matt-black, cast-iron finish, the Greenstyle Hanbury has a timeless elegance that can make a statement in both period and modern homes.

The beauty of cast iron is that, although it may take longer to heat up, it naturally retains the heat and gives off warmth long after the logs have burned down. The Hanbury also features a convenient hearth ash catcher, which increases protection from hot embers and makes the stove quicker and easier to clean.

The Greenstyle Hanbury is available in 4kW, 5kW and 8kW models.

Both Greenstyle models come with a no quibble 5-year guarantee for the main body, handles and core components plus 1-year cover for the glass, grate and seals.