Franco Belge Savoy Elegance Multifuel

Franco Belge Savoy Elegance Multifuel



Franco Belge Savoy Elegance Multifuel is a new model in this popular line of appliances.  Introducing the latest stove from Franco Belge, the Savoy Elegance is a new model in this popular line of appliances. We have changed elements of the Savoy Classic to create a fresh look to a traditional period style stove. The raised features on the door and sides of the stove have been smoothed with only the outlines remaining for a touch of period style with a modern edge. In addition the door on this model is hinged on the side similar to the Franco Belge Montfort models which gives a larger expanse of glass and excellent views of the flames. The larger door also allows you to insert larger logs up to 40cm long. The Savoy Elegance has a very powerful airwash which ensures the glass stays virtually free from soot and tar deposits. The vermiculite lining within the stove increases efficiency from the fuel and gives a cleaner combustion which reduces the level of harmful emissions into the earth’s atmosphere making this stove kinder on the environment. This appliance is available in Matt Black stove paint and red, ivory and charcoal enamels. When fitted with the DEFRA kit, this model becomes suitable for woodburning in smoke controlled areas.Please Add £66 For Defra Kit

  • Ability
    to burn either wood or smokeless solid fuel
  • All cast iron construction for maximum heat transfer
  • The largest ceramic glass door panel for a stove of this size
  • Top or rear flue outlet
  • vermiculite lining for greater efficiency and reduced harmful emissions
  • Powerful airwash system for cleaner glass
  • Retains heat long after the fire has expired
  • Suited to a large range of rooms and installation options
  • Large door for excellent views and for use with larger logs

Stove Fuel Choices

  • Multifuel
  • Wood

Stove Flue Choices

  • Rear flue exit
  • Top flue exit

5 Year Warranty

This 5 year warranty covers all stove castings, it does not include consumable items such as glass and door seals. This full warranty is only honoured when the stove is purchased from one of our recommended retailers. If a stove from any of our brands is purchased from a non recommended dealer only a 12 month warranty will be honoured. Full details on this policy can be found on Franco Belge warranty 

Franco Belge Savoy Elegance Multifuel Specifications

Spec Value
Height 663 mm
Width 535 mm
Depth 407 mm
Output 8 kw
Efficency 70.9 %
Temperature Less than 100 °C
Weight 135 kg
Flue Diameter 125 mm